Audi A9 2008

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See more photos of this car
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Audi A9 2008

Starting from £199

Rental car companies are notorious for finding additional surcharges, sometimes not added until the point of sale. These can include location or airport taxes, improvement fees and other surcharges, admin surcharges, registration recovery surcharges and other local taxes. Sometimes local taxes are not just the local sales taxes, but also local vehicle taxes that are „recovered“. At the Las Vegas airport, such fees can increase the cost of a rental by close to 60 percent.

This practice has become so notorious that some consolidators promote themselves on the basis they guarantee to offer a fully inclusive price, but check the fine print.



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  • Airconditions
  • Child seat
  • GPS
  • Laugage
  • Music
  • Seat beal
  • Sleeping Bed
  • Water

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